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How Landowners Can Benefit From Selling Wind Turbines

Landowners, in particular farmers, have recognised how building wind turbines could produce a valuable new income stream without serious disruption to their core business of farming animals, raising crops or estate management.

A generous Feed-in-Tariff rate, provided by the Government, index-linked to inflation and guaranteed for 20 years was an effective incentive for them to invest in cleaner and greener renewable energy generation. Not only would they be able to produce electricity for their own use, reducing the bills paid to external suppliers, they would also be rewarded for generating power and passing surplus to the grid.

However, landowners have found that the operation of wind turbines brings with it on-going costs and responsibilities, not least the requirement for regular maintenance and repairs to ensure the turbines continue to operate at peak efficiency. Access issues in remote areas can lead to higher running costs and any equipment failure can prove very expensive to fix.

The Government’s decision in 2015 to severely reduce the level of FiT payments is likely to make the erection of new turbines unviable and a much less attractive proposition at the end of their guaranteed 20-year funding period. It is very possible their hardware may only have a recycling/scrap value at that time.

Fifty provides an ideal solution that helps landowners realise the value of their investment, while mitigating the on-going costs and risks associated with their wind turbine ownership. Moreover, by selling their wind turbines to Fifty, individual owners may be able to enjoy significant tax advantages, for example reducing their capital gains liability should they qualify for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

The Fifty team are ready to hear from landowners interested in finding out more about the benefits they can enjoy from selling their wind turbines. As a private equity-backed company, we have the money in place and have a fully qualified in-house team to ensure a prompt, secure and fair purchase process, all the way from initial enquiry, through valuation to eventual payment.

Also, there is no obligation for the landowner to sell the land on which the turbine or turbines stand. They can still enjoy the benefit of an on-going income stream through a leasing agreement with Fifty for the land, on an annual payment basis for the expected lifetime of the turbine – typically 20 years from installation. The option has built-in flexibility so that a larger initial payment can be organised with reduced annual lease payments, or a smaller upfront sum with proportionately larger lease payments.

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