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How The Financial Institution Can Realise The Potential Of Their Wind Turbine

Financial institutions that own UK on-shore wind turbines are facing a number of factors that are diminishing the profitability and attractiveness of their investment. Fifty can provide them with the opportunity to release the value of their wind turbine assets and realise potential tax advantages.

The UK on-shore wind turbine market has undergone a fundamental shift with the Government’s announcement of a substantial reduction in the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) which rewards owners for every unit of power they produce. The change makes it less likely that existing owners and operators – particularly those with only one or a few turbines on a site – will want to renew their hardware beyond the guaranteed 20-year period of their existing FiT.

For financial institutions, on-going costs continue to rise as the value of their sites declines. Management overheads, rising maintenance and repair costs as turbine components grow older and significant increases in business rates – the Uniform Business Rate is now 130 per cent higher than at the start of the FiT programme – all combine to reduce the profitability of their wind turbine investment.

Fifty presents an excellent opportunity for financial institutions to dispose of their wind turbines, realising their value and potentially enjoying tax advantages through a substantial shareholding exemption.

As a private equity-backed business with extensive in-house experience in all areas associated with the acquisition and operation of on-shore wind turbines, Fifty has all the necessary resources and skills to provide a prompt, secure and fair purchase process, all the way from initial enquiry, through valuation to eventual payment.

Furthermore, should the sellers own the land on which the turbine or turbines stand, there is no obligation to sell the site. They can still enjoy the benefit of an on-going income stream through a leasing agreement with Fifty for the land, on an annual payment basis for the expected lifetime of the turbine – typically 20 years from installation.

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